Gourmet stopover

By bike, car or motorbike, the Route des Grandes Alpes will show you different perspectives of the varied landscapes offered by the Alps, Provence, and Mediterranean coast before reaching the French Riviera.

Southbound Gourmet stopover

On your way to the South, between Grenoble and Nice, the hotel restaurant Au Sans Souci welcomes you for a one night or extended stay, depending on/to suit your desires. The hotel restaurant is ideal for a gourmet and relaxing break. It offers a traditional and quality local cuisine: caillette, ravioles, trout, etc. It’s a true regional immersion in between Vercors and Trièves. Its rich gastronomy mixes local specialities from Saint-Paul-lès-Monestier surroundings. On the menu, a transgenerational cuisine that will warm your heart up and delight your taste buds. The cuisine at Sans Souci is a journey in itself.

Once you have recharged your batteries, you can get back on the road towards the South. Alternatively, you can take the Route Napoléon and stop in the national park of Ecrins or Mercantour before reaching Nice or the destination of your choice.